Roof of Africa
Kilimanjaro Mountain

Rising from the plains, Mount Kilimanjaro is the highest point in Africa at 5895 m.  It has two peaks named, Mawenzi and Uhuru.

This giant volcano is encircled by forest over savanna and has five main vegetation zones. People have been climbing this mountain since 1894, but in 1973 it officially opened for tourism, and the park has since been named a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Five to nine day professionally guided hiking trips are available up one of several hiking routes. The climb is strenuous, poses health risks, and requires careful preparation, with good physical fitness.

 If you would prefer a less strenuous way to enjoy Mount Kilimanjaro, we also offer day trips to this lovely area.

Day Trip

Inside and Outside The Park

You can choose a day trip inside the park accompanied by the park rangers and guides, to enjoy a taste of Mt. Kilimanjaro trek and experience the beautiful landscapes and scenery with different flowers tree and shrubs, native birds and black and white colobus monkey.

Or you may prefer to trek around Mt.Kilimanjaro, where you can do cultural walks around the villages surrounding Mt. Kilimanjaro, walk in coffee plantations, learn how local people process their coffee, chat with the locals around Kilimanjaro and see their daily activities, experience and taste local cuisines and learn how to make local banana beer from the native tribe Chagga. You can end your day tour by swimming in the amazing waterfalls.

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