Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, it is safe to visit Tanzania,particularly on an organized safari.You will find the Tanzanians to be happy people, who are friendly in one of the most stable countries in Africa.

Year around you can enjoy Tanzania’s animal and people.During February we often have light rains,during which the wildebeests calve,attracting large number of predators.Cooler weather with heavier longer rains tend to be during the end of March,April,and early May,however,during this time there are few people in the parks and hotel rates are less expensive.June and July are good times to witness the great wildbeest migration.August and September are drier and the animals tend to move to the swamps and waterways.October and November generally brings short lighter rains.December and January are peak times when more tourists are in the parks.As always,with nature,there are no guarentees.Really,you can visit Tanzania any time of the year We encourage you to focus on your own personal situation when you visit Tanzania.

Flight into Tanzania are limited and you may have difficult booking a seat when scheduling less than two month ahead of time.We encourage people to book 6-9 month when deciding when to visit Tanzania

Yes.Visitors of all ages are welcome.Your trip can customized to the needs of your family or group.        

With traditional land cruiser safaris there is little or no walking safaris or hiking trips can arranged with L&L Safaris,who will customize your trip to your specifications.

Yes.We encourage visitors to check the CDC Website for immunization recommendation or visit your local travel clinic.also,malaria prophylaxis is recommended.

For the northern Tanzania safaris circuit,most people fly into Kilimanjaro international Airport

Yes. US residents may obtain a visa at the port of entry for $100 cash

  • neutral colored lightweight long sleeve shirts
  • neutral colored lightweight long pants
  • Sturdy shoes
  • Insect repellent
  • Sunscreen
  • Jacket for cool evening and cool morning
  • Any prescribed medications
  • Camera or cell phone for photo
  • 222 volt adapter 3 prongs

The food is a mix of Africa,European,Indian,and international cuisine.Bottled water is available

The Tanzania Shilling is the local currency.Us dollars may be used in many of the tourist areas