Hadzabe & Datoga


For centuries, the Hadzabe tribe has inhabited the Rift Valley around Lake Eyasi. They are a hunter-gatherer tribe, who speak a very interesting and unique language filled with “clicks” and “pops”. These kind friendly people reside in caves or grass huts, wear animal skins, and depend entirely on nature to survive. There are no official leaders as they believe in individual autonomy, and it is estimated that only about 2000 Hadzabe people remain. The Hadzabe men are skilled hunters, who will show you how they hunt local wildlife with bows and arrows of different types.  They also collect honey, while the women and children gather roots, berries, and baobab fruit.  

With this cultural excursion you will see a lifestyle that the Hadzabe have maintained for centuries! 


 A cultural experience with the Datoga

The nomadic Datoga pastoralists are also active blacksmiths. Here you may view their homes, sing and clap with the women, and take a turn using a stone to grind corn for polenta. The Datoga men will demonstrate their work using a bellows to fuel a blacksmithing fire, over which they forge arrows, knives, and jewelry. Some of these are traded with the nearby Hadzabe, but you will also have an opportunity to purchase these forged objects.

Do you want to visit the Hadzabe & Datoga tribe?

Experience the hadzabe & datoga life!

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