Ngorongoro Crater

Breathtaking Crater

Ngorongoro Crater  & Conservation Area 

Ngorongoro conservation area covers 8325 sq km and is located at 3.16818° S , 35.5877° E . This UNESCO Man and Biosphere Reserve is home to many fascinating sights. There are five craters named: Olmoti, Empakai, Lolmalasini, Odeani, and Ngorongoro crater, which is the most famous.  Lake Natron is a mineral rich alkaline lake, which is a breeding site for thousands of flamingos. It is also home to the colorful Maasai with their Mountain of God, Oldonyo Lengai, the only active volcano in Tanzania. 

This sensitive ecosystem includes a large concentration of wildlife. Herds of wildebeests, zebras, elephants, gazelles, and water buffalo coexist here year-around. There are baboon and monkey troops and packs of hyenas.  Early risers may witness prides of lions hunting and claiming their prey for the day.  If you are lucky, and the wind is right, you may get to see the critically endangered black rhinoceros!  

Flamingos, stock pelicans and many migrant birds also visit alkaline Lake Makat.

Ngorongoro crater can be explored by safari jeep, but you may also select a leisurely walking crater rim tour. For the the more adventurous, you may choose an active hiking and camping trip accompanied by a ranger guide, cook, and donkey pack animal for supplies. On the hiking trip you will visit the Ngorongoro highlands, see Lake Natron, shower in a beautiful waterfall, and decide on a climb of Oldonyo Legai.

L&L Tanzania Safaris welcomes you to experience Ngorongoro Crater and Conservation area, a beautiful landscape decorated with fascinating wildlife.  It is truly a wonder of nature!

 Popular activities at the Ngorongoro Crater

  • Game Drives
  • Bird Watching
  • Walking Safaris
  • Olduvai-Gorge

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