Serengeti national park

Endless Plain

Serengeti National Park

This endless plain, Serengeti in Maasai, lies primarily in Tanzania, with only a small portion which falls just over the border into Kenya.

During rainy season, the grasses here may appear as a vast ocean of green, while later in the year the grasses dry to a brown shade, perfect for lion camouflage. There are scattered rocky hills known as kopjes, where the hyraxes have a view of daily dramas to unfold.

Breeding and birthing occur year around on this endless horizon, except for the wildebeests, who calve near the rainy season. Just over a million wildebeests migrate to follow the water supply, but in themselves are a plentiful food source. They will use their numbers to try to beat the odds of being eaten by a cat or a hungry crocodile at the river crossing. The zebras will try to blend in with the wildebeests, but female lions will stir things up as they hunt and claim their prey for the day. And the buzzards will not be left out. Gazelles will be seen happily prancing around until one prances too close to the cheetah perched on a termite mound, and then the sprint race begins! By the afternoon, you may see a tree branch supporting a tired leopard, who earlier drug his catch up the tree in order to keep it from the hyenas and jackals on the ground. Hippos, water buffalos, and zebras go to the Seronera river area to drink, but must be on the lookout for lions who await them. Life and death is an everyday event on the Serengeti.

The acacia woodlands are inhabited by giraffes, impalas, elephants and dik-diks. Birds such as the Kori bustard, ostrich, eagle, secretary bird, etc, are often seen. Numerous water birds may be found near the river habitat. Over 500 bird species may be seen  inside Serengeti National Park

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Popular activities inside Serengeti National Park

  • Game Drives
  • Hot Air Balloon Safari Ride
  • Bird Watching

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