Tarangire National Park

Home of Elephants

Tarangire National Park

The name Tarangire comes from the Mbugwe tribe, which lived in the area prior to 1973. “Tara” means river and “ngire” means warthog; hence, Tarangire means river of warthogs.  The park itself is 2600sq km and is located  3.9507° S latitude and 35.8661° E longitude.  Tarangire is believed to have the highest population of elephants in the world! Here you may see elephants in large herds waving their trunks as if they are greeting and welcoming you to their habitat. During the dry season, the animals move near the river, Lake Burunge, and Silale Swamp, where you will find them wallowing in the mud and splashing water on their backs for cooling.  When water is more plentiful, we find them through out the park.  Baobab trees are also found all through the park, and the elephants seem to enjoy scratching against these giant trees.  These long living trees shed their leaves during the dry season, and some think the bare tree branches look like roots or “upside down trees”.  You may also see waterbucks, wildebeests, giraffes, lions, and large herds of zebras.  Near the swamp you may spot a leopard or tree python enjoying the breeze on the tree branches.

With more than 500 species of birds, Tarangire is also a favorite destination for bird watchers, who will make life long memories here!

Near the end of your tour you may see an awesome view of the Tarangire River near Silale Swamp, where you may spot different species of animals enjoying the setting in their own way.

L&L wishes to lead you to Tarangire, a bird and animal paradise, with an interesting and beautiful landscape!

Popular activities inside Tarangire National Park

  • Game Drives
  • Hot Air Balloon Safari Ride
  • Bird Watching

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There is no other place like Tarangire in the world!

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